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Cyber Security automations and integrations

The 3 Frameworks Against Which The Platform Performs Validations
Regulatory Frameworks
Regulatory driven compliance of the configurations of the security controls. Examples include: PCI, GDPR and POPIA.
Industry Frameworks
The second category against which compliance is validated are industry frameworks. Examples include NIST, MITRE Att&ck and ISO27001.
Vendor Best Practice

Each vendor has a “best practice” when it comes to the optimal policy configurations

The Port443 platform uses these best practices, along with the regulatory and industry frameworks to ensure the ongoing hardening of the security controls.

Compliance & Governance

Port443 is dedicated to the development of services to enhance your overall security posture. Leveraging the existing investments, we provide insight and visibility into your cybersecurity and network controls across a plethora of mainstream vendors.

OneView Integration and Visualization

The Port443 platform addresses this requirement through expansive API  integrations and visualisation across the estate. With intuitive dashboards providing insight into these threat vectors and metrics is now an affordable, consumption-based service to enhance your control and associated security posture.

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Community Defense

A framework ensuring a significantly enhanced security posture without having to introduce additional security controls. Cyber security controls operating in unison with other controls increases the overall efficacy. Each control, whilst optimal in its own right, is significantly enhanced if they form part of a broader ecosystem, where each control is aware of the status of the other controls. The triggering of one control could automatically trigger a different control, to mitigate and contain compromises.

An email security control, which is directly integrated into the Port443 platform, picks up a suspicious URL:
Through integration, the Port443 platform identifies similar emails in the client’s estate, and automatically quarantines/deletes these emails.
A “Block URL” policy is initiated on the firewall for a period of time whilst it is being investigated.
A PAM control automatically restricts access to critical systems, until such time as the threat has been remediated.
Key Points
Attack vectors enable hackers to exploit system vulnerabilities.
Security controls operating in isolation are less effective than controls operating in unison.
The Port443 platform is built to integrate into multiple technologies across multiple controls.
Different controls should be “state aware” of each other to affect immediate containment and reduce the probability of lateral movement within the estate.
The Port443 platform integrates via API with these different controls and automatically triggers and remediates when an Indicator of Compromise is detected.
Community Defence

Understanding your current risk and the optimization of an appropriate security posture.

Port443 has extensive experience in assessing the current Security Posture and the development of a roadmap to mature tp


Ready to get started?

Port443 has extensive experience in identifying candidates for automation and building these automations, so they can be consumed “as a service.”

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